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For parties of 20 or less guests, we allow the full menu.
We must confirm your headcount 48 hours before your event.
We are excited to host your event!
Please fill out the form below to book your event.
For catering inquiries, please call Nicole at 228-304-5764
For parties of 21-29 guests, we require a limited menu.
Your limited menu may consist of up to 3 starters and 4 entree options.
You may also add a side salad and/or dessert course too, if you would like!
Please fill out the online form below to book your event.
We must confirm your menu options 48 hours before your event.
We are excited to host your event!


We generally have the room setup two hours prior to the event.  If you would like to come earlier in the day and come back later for your event, Please make sure to coordinate with the Catering Director so we may have the room setup before you arrive. Please be sure to let the us know if you plan to decorate in any way at any time so we may be prepared.

     We do not allow any of the following:
            •Duck tape (on the floor is okay, but not on walls, windows or doors)

            •Glitter or anything smaller than a dime.

     We charge a clean up fee for any of the following:
            •Confetti, sequins, anything smaller than a half dollar coin, etc. $100.00
            •Break down of decorations by staff (This is a case by case situation and is not usually necessary.  If you have any

            questions, please speak with the catering director.)

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